Why Gordeon

You are the beginning of our narrative

Gordeon was founded to make it easy for all business owners to accept credit cards. Since then, we’ve expanded our commitment to include a full suite of business tools as well as affordable loans that provide money to any qualifying firm with a goal. We help power companies grow on their own terms, from side jobs to sports stadiums.

Run with it your way

It’s your company, therefore you should be able to operate and expand it with tools that work for you rather than the other way around. We offer a large inventory of versatile tools available for almost any project, and you just pay for what you need.

Have the ability to choose

You are never obligated to use just Gordeon’s solutions. We collaborate with hundreds of third-party solutions (and counting) to streamline your workflow and save you time.

Manage everything from a single location

Whether you’re online, in-store, or both, our simple Dashboard centralizes all of your company data. From real-time reports to client connections, you have everything you need to make educated business decisions and confidently prepare for the future.