Your money is available at any time

Gordeon Debit Card puts cash at your fingertips

When a Gordeon sale is completed, the funds are immediately available in your FDIC-insured business checking account—no waiting required

Small firms demand equal access to improved financial instruments

Give your company's funds their own space. Keep track of your money, simplify taxes, and more with a separate business account—your Gordeon Dashboard and Point of Sale.

Sign up in under 2 minutes
Banking paperwork might be intimidating, but you can create an account and personalize your debit card in minutes.
There are no credit checks
We don’t need to know about your credit or banking history, so you can focus on the future rather than the past.

There are several strategies to handle your money

Near the metal
We run and optimize at every level of the financial stack, from direct connections with card networks and banks to browser checkout flows.
Fastest-improving platform
Every year, we add hundreds of new features and upgrades to help you remain ahead of market changes. (We deploy our production API 16 times each day on average.)
Reliability shown in battle
Our systems are extremely scalable and redundant, with 99.99%+ uptime. Gordeon meets the most stringent compliance requirements.
Optimizations that are intelligent
Our machine learning algorithms learn from billions of data points and help enhance income in areas like conversion, fraud, and revenue recovery.