Every Gordeon sale automatically saves you money

A greater yield is on the way

Is your money only in a checking account? Your money will increase with a business savings account from Gordeon. There is no minimum deposit required to begin earning our 1.00% APY (which is 10x the national average). Begin with an amount you’re comfortable with and see how far you can stretch it.
Gordeon Checking account are instantly available
Set away a percentage of daily purchases in a high-yield Gordeon Savings folder automatically.

Small company owners turn to Gordeon to grow and improve on long-standing and often-unfair financial services traditions, such as superfluous, outmoded fees and forms. We can do a better job.

Our vendors are pioneers. And they are entitled to business banking that can keep up.

We'll assist you in developing the habit of saving with purpose

In the POS and Dashboard, you can see your sales and savings side by side
Transfers between Gordeon Savings and Checking are free and quick.
Your account(s) are FDIC-insured up to a maximum of $250,000.